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            Profitable Earthquake Insurance

            Reliable. Personable. Fast.

            Are you prepared when the ground shakes? Rest easy! We can make an earthquake preparedness plan as per your demand. 

            An Earthquake insurance today can help put a roof back over your head tomorrow! 

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            You can learn how to prepare your home and develop an emergency action plan.
            Our agent can explain insurance options and eligibility based on where you live, like an earthquake endorsement plan.
            It covers major expenses like- structural repairs, rebuilding, temporary housing, replacing personal property.
            It all depends on your area’s level of risk. Here, our agents can help review your current coverage to help you determine the best option.
            The CEA’s issues the earthquake insurance while we work as licensed agents from where you purchase this insurance.
            No. It will require a separate earthquake policy. You can call our agents for emergency safety tips and customized solutions.

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